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Do you have problems with working hours or unable to attend evening classes? Well, I thought about you and we’ll choose the day and the time you prefer, you’ll have the opportunity to be personally followed with a ‘one-on-one’ course specifically tailored to your needs.

I’ll ask you some questions that will allow me to prepare the right course that meet your specific needs.

  • which equipment do you use?
  • what level of knowledge do you have in photography?
  • your favourite subjects?
  • which use will you do with your photos?
  • which days and schedule do you prefer?

I speak to cycling fans, cycling touring fans and outdoors lovers in general.

Do you want to tell a photographic story about your two-week trip, or just post beautiful images on Instagram after your Sunday ride? Either way, this is the right class for you. Over the course we’ll delve into the world of travel photography, with a particular focus on cycle touring and bikepacking. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you like to work with, we’ll deal with composition, colour management, shooting in B&W, and how best to use natural light. We’ll also touch on how to take care of your equipment while you’re on the road, how to figure out what is and isn’t essential, and of course, offer a few pro tips.

In the two months following this course you will receive assistance by email to get advice and suggestions about your images.

the cost is 120£ and includes:

  • 4 lessons
  • lesson booklet for each topic covered
  • email assistance in the two months following the course

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contact: paolociaberta@gmail.com

Strada dell’Assietta, Italian Alps
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