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The two lives of Nino Defilippis (Rouleur 27)

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The history of Nino Defilippis through his family’s album, photographies and notes from the past tell us the campione piemontese.

extract from the article:

Nino sees that Van Steenbergen and De Bruyne are colour-blind, and that Poblet is still performing his suerte. When, therefore, he sees a red kite in the distance, he rides straight at it, and straight under it.  Nino Defilippis is all in. When next Nino next looks round he sees that Poblet is too late, and that Van Steenbergen and De Bruyne are too stupid. Now when Nino looks up he realises that he’s not angry any more. He realises that his face is smiling, and that he feels happy. He’s going to win Lombardy at long, long last.”

When she sees him she waves and smiles, but she doesn’t yet know that she has consumed the person he was. She doesn’t understand that that person has ceased to exist, or that she is the most powerful being in the world. She doesn’t understand that she is everything, everywhere, every minute of every day.

words: Herbie Sykes images: Paolo Ciaberta

La storia di Nino Defilippis attraverso gli album di famiglia. Fotografie del passato che ci raccontano il campione piemontese.